The Wedding of Nathan Pence and Emma Langschied

Ceremony Livestream

The above link will send you to the YouTube channel of our hired videographer Brian Paul. Simply access the channel, and the livestream should be among the selectable videos, posted November 27th, 2021. If you have any questions, please reach out to Nathan Pence.

Wedding Mass:

St. Joseph Shrine

1828 Jay Street

Detroit, MI 48207


Detroit Yacht Club

1 Riverbank Dr

Belle Isle

Detroit, MI 48207


November 27th Itinerary:

Wedding Ceremony: 12n-2p

Wedding Procession & Ceremony
Latin Mass of the Roman Rite
Newlywed Family Photography

Wedding Reception: 2p-8p

Seating & Snacks
Dinner & Dedications
Mingling & Lingering

What to Expect:

Traditional Latin Mass

The wedding ceremony will be performed as the prelude to High Mass of the Roman rite, where the betrothed will receive Holy Communion for the first time as Husband and Wife. The traditional celebration will be sung by the priest in Latin, and will be accentuated by live music.

Order of the Mass

The Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) follows an ancient rubric many are unfamilliar with. Click here for a follow-along guide to the TLM, including side-by-side Latin and English translations, and a guide for when to stand, sit and kneel. Women are encouraged to wear a white veil or mantilla.


Please only receive Holy Communion if you are a practicing Catholic, having received the sacrament of  Confession within the past year, accepting all the dogmas of the Church. Learn more about Holy Communion here! 

Yacht Club Dress Code

Gentlemen are expected to don formal attire (suits); ladies are expected to wear either a dress or a pantsuit. 

Transportation & Accommodations

Click here for directions from the Detroit Metro Airport to St. Joseph Shrine. With a car, or ride-sharing app like Uber, the journey is around 25-30 minutes.

Click here for directions from St. Joseph Shrine to The Detroit Yacht Club. 

The families of the betrothed have identified hotels in the Lansing and Detroit areas which may offer suitable lodging. Please contact Lora Pence or Ann Langschied for additional information.

Gifts & Registry

In lieu of a formal registry, guests wishing to support the new couple are encouraged to either gift something personally meaningful, or endow the betrothed with cash or a check. There will be no formal gifting ceremony, but the married would be happy to open a gift with you during the reception if approached!


RSVPs are now closed! Thank you for joining us!