Style Spread

Paragraph Text is This Text. Let’s see how the paragraph text oes when we give a good ol IM+Fell+DW+Picavfh s sfhvjfhdhfhjhdjhfhjhjhjhjhjhjhjs hvs hfvdsf hv;ldshf ;odfh ;fhaofhv ldsahjv fshv;l hfdaoubh ovih ueohf l

I’m looking at how to switch up font sized now…. Maybe this is okay? It looks like you can freely change the text size for Paragraph-level text, but Heading text is set-in-stone in terms of style.

This is Heading 5 (H5) text. We should work on re-directions and everything, yannow?

What follows is an itemized set of examples of heading text formatting things. (Let’s try to incorporate italics in these as well)

Here’s an Example of Heading 1

Heading Two, boiiiii, make it happen

Heading Three, my saucy crumbles~<3

Heading Four Goes here; There’s probably more that I can fit in here.

Heading fiiive; there’s only one more to go. I hope these columns can be altered, so it all don’t look catastrophic ;~;
Annnnd we’re back to heading 6. I really hope I can figure out how to shove italics into here.

“This here’s how Quotes will be displayed.”

Aura Indico, 2019