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Adapted from a class exercise, this essay explores a hypothetical future circumstance where I may hire employees and ultimately guide the development of a workplace culture. Having experienced the plastic enthusiasm of American retail, I attempt to lay out a model which allows adequate room for organic workplace culture to develop while also implementing a novel synthesis of two well-documented communication strategies for effective conflict resolution.


Because the managerial roles I’m likely to play for the foreseeable future will center around my studio business and directing research in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience, the majority of difficult personalities I anticipate mediating will likely either be causing tension in interpersonal workplace connections or may simply not be satisfying the standards at which they are expected to perform. I’ve traditionally approached confronting a subordinate through addressing several components I see as key to establishing a healthy, sustainable and productive Workplace Ethos…


Suicide as we know it: A Rudimentary yet Circumspect Exploration

Academic | Psychology
2018, no. 1 (1-7).


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