Preacher Birb – The Brilliant


n=25 | 2020-04-10 | The first album in the Preacher Birb & Friends collection | Michigan


Witness the brilliant conquest of Preacher Birb, the tiny sparrow who one day asserted himself and decided to raise a family in my apartment complex.

Preacher Birb became a fixture of daily life, often appearing outside the kitchen window to minister to other birds in the area. While his frequent sermons on the gutter were doubtless heard by hundreds, Preacher Birb is no Catholic priest; in April 2020 he could be seen taking a wife, and with her soon beget offspring. As of publication, this sparrow and his family continue to proliferate in my vicinity; for a while longer, I will continue to document their behavior.

Includes one set of uncompressed full-resolution JPEGs and one additional 1080p-scaled set for your convenience.
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