Montréal Wander


n=32+ | 2018-07-26 (to 28) | Cycling a city of stone | Montréal, Canada


I traversed Montréal on two wheels, tearing ’round sidewalks and trails, yanking my phone when the light cast just right, catching the wind in my sails.

These files were freshly re-processed for publication in December 2023: when I first ran these through Lightroom in 2018 (I use Capture One now), I had only exported a watermarked copy. I was heartened that the images felt familiar, and I remember repeating some of the same tweaks I made half a decade ago. I can’t help but feel a pang of nostalgia too. Photography has become an integral part of my life since then.

Includes one set of uncompressed full-resolution JPEGs and one additional set optimized for sharing and web.