Audio Services

Studio Services

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Since 2015, we’ve worked with Lansing-area musicians towards realizing their artistic ambitions as CFAX studio; we offer many of the same services today on a limited, appointment-only basis. Our immersive environment suits a variety of temperaments and we cater especially to innovators.

Media Preservation Services

Legacy Media Conversion and Restoration

Do you want to digitally preserve the media on your vinyl, cassette tapes, or CDs? Do you have an old recording you’d like to experience with renewed clarity? Our equipment is capable of digitizing a wide variety of media in high-fidelity and we have the expertise to carefully remove noisy artifacts.

Educational Services

Classes in Audio Engineering Fundamentals

Do you want to develop a foundational understanding of sound and how to record competent music within a modest, dedicated space? Whether you’re contemplating investing in a studio, or just want to better understand the physics behind your instrument, our personalized lesson plans are aimed at throwing down deep roots to form the cornerstone of your learning.

On-Location Services

Soundboard, Stagehand

If you need a set of hands broadly familiar with audio equipment at your next event to run soundboard or dress a stage, look no further. Years of recording experience ensures all equipment will be properly handled; years of managing a laboratory ensures diligence in task execution. Local projects especially are encouraged to reach out with collaboration opportunities; we look forward to lending our efforts across any media domain. 

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On-site services are available for mid-Michigan; consultations are always free.

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