Prayers on Tape

Lex orandi, lex credendi

In our cacophonous world, the still small voice of our Lord is often obscured. Prayer is more critical than ever in the face of modernity, but to overcome nagging distractions and spend quality time in meditation is difficult for many.

Our Prayers on Tape offer a tether to keep you focused on God through a peaceful vocal recitation of your favorite Catholic devotions. Facilitating an active prayer life will help you grow in piety every day; allow our Prayers on Tape to accompany your ascent up Calvary.

Prayer Albums

Albums are clusters of prayers with a common theme
Digital Copies, CDs, and Cassette Tapes are available
Each album contains several variants of featured prayers which provide options such as: 
Gentle background ambience
English and Latin versions
Different speakers
Family prayers

Prayer Previews

You’ll find at least one track from each prayer album posted in-full on our YouTube channel. These videos include a meditative image slideshow as an added treat.

Prayer Requests

If you nurture a particular devotion we’ve yet to feature, reach out to us and we’ll consider producing an album.

Feel free also to request an additional variant of an existing prayer; we’ll grant everyone who purchased the corresponding album access to new variants once they’re produced.

Latest Prayers