Indico Media

Bringing the ephemeral into focus

Our artistic aim is to become a channel through which the created world may announce its concealed splendors. Rather than approach art with a firm concept or intention already in mind at point-of-creation, novel representations of the subject matter are revealed through our careful sensitivity towards essential characteristics and curious exploration of how these attributes interact aesthetically with their broader environment. This whimsical approach grew from an effort to become more sensitive to beauty following a decade of affective drought and a stifling fixation on the material world. Now, your artist is zealous to reveal the meaning intrinsic to God’s creation, especially within events which seem ordinary; that pass by quickly and are thus rarely subject to deeper contemplation.
Thence, Aura Indico endeavors to reveal the wind.
Indico Media is a meta-portfolio where curious eyes can browse varied creative works and also consider varied creative services. What began in 2015 as a foray into audio engineering has broadened to incorporate photography, videography, graphic design, and occasional written works, all grounded in the ethos of meaningful creation over profit which has characterized these efforts from the start. This said, Indico’s current iteration is nascent; heaps of content originally thought personal are now being packaged especially for this website and for you, dear viewer. Take a look around! More than anything, we appreciate knowing that you’ve found meaning in the experiences we offer, so do reach out, and please enjoy your time here.

Products & Services

Along with the selections in our catalogue, we offer several opportunities to extend our creative efforts to your subjects and events through photography, graphic design, and audio engineering services. Consider our services if you favor artistry with distinct character over something plainly conventional. These offerings all hold fast to our credo of pious simplicity in creation and fastidious intentionality in perfection.
On-location services are available for the Mid-Michigan area and consultations are always free.

  • Digital Photo Albums

    • Themed albums
    • Nature, locations, textures
    • Contemplative aesthetics
    • Quality files suitable for print
    • Full creative rights
    • Photobooks and prints available
  • Video B-Roll

    • Beautiful Scenes
    • Familiar to esoteric representations
    • Macro, slow-mo, panoramic...
    • Professionally shot and edited
    • Hi-Fidelity files
    • Requests considered
  • Prayers on Tape

    • Catholic prayers
    • Traditional devotions
    • Modestly paced
    • Many variants to suit personal tastes
    • Professionally recorded
    • Physical copies available
  • Photography

    • People, animals & events
    • Personal, academic & professional
    • Specialization in laboratory environments
    • High degree of creative control
    • Emphasis on artistic representation
    • Prints, books and RAW files available
  • Graphic Design

    • Branding, websites, business cards
    • Personal, professional & academic
    • Collaborative development of vision
    • Creative rights released to client
    • Project assets accessible via cloud
    • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Audio Engineering

    • In-house: Your sound, our studio
    • Recording, mixing & mastering
    • Immersive sensory environment
    • Legacy media conversion
    • Classes in audio fundamentals
    • On-Site: Soundboard operation, stagehand

Contact Us

Consultations are free and questions/suggestions are welcomed!


Chris Niswandee
Smallsys INC , 79 Dragram
Tuson , 88879

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